Photo of Cat Named Figgy

Whether you’re a cat owner or you looking for extra knowledge to impress your “babe,” these facts about Boo’s favorite pet will help you avoid some hair-raising moments with your fluffy friend.

  1. Cats who are not hungry will still hunt for mice – they’re born to!
  2. Cats “talk” to you by purring, meowing and hissing. Be attentive next time, will you? A purr can mean lots of things, but most often it means contentment. A meow is always directed at you … adult cats generally don’t meow with each other. Kittens will, but not adult cats.
  3. Our dear cats are still capable of living in the wild. So much for domestication! They may enjoy the sofa, but the average healthy cat has what it takes to survive.
  4. Be courteous, get the titles right: A male cat is known as a tom. A female, believe it or not, is called a queen. The cute young are known as kittens. Apparently, you don’t need to sit on the iron throne to be a queen. Well, some cats sit on a throne in their home.
  5. Cats typically live between fourteen and twenty years.
  6. Some cats will sleep the majority of the day (up to 20 hours). However, the average sleep time for cats is between 13- 14 hours.
  7. If a cat is angry, it will twitch the end of its tail. A tail held high in the air means “I’m happy,” where a tail pointing down will usually indicate it is upset or feeling poorly. If you surprise a cat, or encounter one that is afraid, the hair on its back may become raised.
  8. Did you know that Kitty was born blind? A kitten’s vision develops within a few weeks of birth.
  9. Cats are nocturnal animals meaning they are more active at night.
  10. They are indeed nocturnal, so you will be forgiven if you believe that cats see in complete darkness. The cannot see in complete darkness, however, they see much better than you at night. Ever wonder why their eyes glow in the dark? It is because of a membrane called the tapetum. Fancy word, eh? Go forth and bamboozle your friends with this fancy word, will you?
  11. Like you and me, Fluffy can succumb to diseases and poor body condition. A number of these conditions are similar to problems that makes us take a trip to the doctor. Like you and me, cats get viruses, ear and eye problems, cancer, diabetes and heart problems.
  12. Cats may be able survive by drinking sea water. We can’t.
  13. You may not know this, but cats are considered an invasive species. So next time you indulge your charming Meow with a bit of the old pat-pat, just know that cats have been instrumental in the extinction of 33 species of mammals, birds, and reptiles.
  14. Cats sweat with their paws- they use their paws for keeping themselves cool. The sweat glands located in cats’ paws exude a scent which helps them mark their territory. In other words, it means that while they are scratching or walking, they are in fact marking their territory. Gives a whole new meaning to stinky feet!
  15. Cats utilize their whiskers to assess whether they are able to pass through small openings. Old fashioned cars had “curb feelers,” and new-fashioned cats still have ‘em! If a cat’s whiskers bend when attempting to navigate a narrow space, it knows that it can’t pass through.
  16. More cats die on falling from two to six storied structures than from seven to thirty storied buildings. Why? They are more at ease when coming down from a higher place, as it gives them additional time to land safely on the ground.

Final words: This article has provided you with 16 good reasons to impress. Don’t fail!



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