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Cats are very desirable pets. They are furry, cute, and can make you feel on top of the world with their declarations of love. Whether you love cats or not, you may have encountered one or more of these myths about them. Always know the difference between the truth and a myth!

  1. “Cats have nine lives.” This myth probably originated in Egypt, and it does seem to be true at times, because cats can put up with a lot. But we all know that they have only one life
  2. “Cats always land on their feet.” They are very agile and can land on their feet in situations where we humans would be toast. But they don’t always land on their feet and can be injured or die from a fall just like the rest of us.
  3. “It’s impossible to train a cat.” While it is true that it is much harder to train a cat than a dog, they can be trained to do all kinds of things, from “sit” and “roll over” to pooping in the toilet and flushing afterward.
  4. “Cat steals the breath from a baby.” This one makes very little sense. Cats love comfort and they are heat-seekers. And they are very affectionate and curious about baby. So they can and will cuddle babies. But, really, stealing breath? That just isn’t possible!
  5. “Cats do not want to be bathed.” Most cats do hate getting wet, and your feline partners are equipped in their own way to keep themselves clean and most do not need to be bathed. (Hairless cats do need bathing.) But many cats are conditioned to the bath experience as kitten and learn to tolerate it, if not enjoy it. And Turkish Van Cats like water and often enjoy bathtime.
  6. “Milk is good for cats.” Most cats do love milk, but it isn’t good for them because they cannot digest it properly and it can lead to diarrhea. If you love to give your cat milk, you can find special “cat milk” items on the market that are specially formulated for the cat’s digestive system.
  7. “Indoor cats don’t get sick.” It’s true that your pet cat will not be exposed to many of the diseases that outdoor cats contract frequently, and they are likely to live much longer than an outdoor cat, but they do get sick. You need to be on the lookout for signs of disease in your furry friend whether they are an inside or outside cat.
  8. “Cats can live on vegan or vegetarian meals.” Never ever believe this! Cats are carnivores and need to eat meat to survive. In fact, cats have very specific nutritional needs beyond just animal meat, and never including grains or other fillers. A whole mouse or bird would be an excellent, nutritionally complete meal for a cat, but since your cat probably isn’t going to have that every day, you need to feed them a nutritionally complete cat food –preferably canned or frozen (not dried) and with no grains or fillers.
  9. “Cat purrs because they are happy.” Cats do purr when they are contented, but they also can purr in order to comfort themselves when they are worried, sick or in pain.
  10. “Cats can see in the dark.” Not true. Cats have better vision compared to humans in low light, but they cannot see in complete darkness.
  11. “Black cats are bad luck.” A superstition that has been around for a long time. And truly it makes no sense at all. I guess if you believe in other stupid things you believe that black cats are bad luck. But no. Black cats rule!
  12. “Cats do not need to exercise.” This is true for cats who are roaming outside day and night. But for your pet cat, exercise is crucial. It’s easy and fun to play games with your cat, and good exercise for both of you! Cat toys can also keep Kitty moving.
  13. “Cats use their whiskers for balance.” Cats use their whiskers like curb feelers.
  14. “Cat eats grass when they are sick.” Vets think that cats eat grass as a purgative, that is, as something that will make them vomit. So when they’ve got a hairball, a little grass could be the right medicine. But eating grass is not a sign of illness in a cat.
  15. “Cats are aloof animals.” They are solitary hunters typically, and they may seem aloof but they love your attention and playing with you.
  16. “Cats expose their belly in order to get it rubbed.” Cats do this when they trust you and want love from you, not necessary because they want it a belly rub. Some cats really like it, but others may take a swat at you if you try to pat their belly.
  17. “Cats only has black and white vision.” It’s true that cats see fewer colors than we do, but they do see color.
  18. “Cats are lazy.” More accurate would be “cats aren’t interested in everything you put in front of them.” They can be indifferent to you and your pleas. And they sleep a lot more than we do, but when they play, they play hard and use their bodies well.
  19. “Garlic is a good worming treatment for cats.” It’s not true. Don’t ever feed your cat garlic and don’t put it on their coats. Garlic, onions and leeks are poisonous to cats.
  20. “Cats do not need their teeth brushed.” Cats live longer and healthier lives with clean, well maintained teeth. It’s a challenge, but it’s worth it for their health.

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