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Bored cats constitute a clear and present danger. They rip things to shreds, stare into space, sleep all day and they go rogue defying orders and edicts.You are always at a risk of losing your sanity while your home is turning into a war zone. The UN Security Council isn’t going to help you with this war. Don’t despair. We’re here to help you with three surefire ways to keep your cats from getting bored and constituting a clear and present danger.

Toys and Games

Our first strategy here is to “distract and keep them busy.”

You don’t need to break the bank. Something simple like cardboard, a long string, a toy mouse or a ping pong ball works well to keep our furry friends amused and occupied for hours.You’ll want to make sure to alternate toys every other week or so to keep things interesting for your kitty. Some great games include playing fetch with small balls or dragging a string along the ground with something tied to the end.

In addition to playing with small toys, you should think about building a Jungle Gym for cats with perches, enclosures, sloping ramps and dangling ropes where the cat can climb and play, so that they remain fit even if you are keeping them indoors most of the time. Cat’s love jungle gyms whether you make them yourself or buy one that is already made like a cat tree from the pet shop.

Watching Cat videos

Cat videos are exciting and engaging movies that you let your cat watch. They feature birds and other animals being themselves in nature. Cats love to stalk and watching a cat video is way for them to stalk while staying put inside the house. You don’t have to struggle to get your cat interested.Press play and your cat will stay occupied for hours. You might even enjoy watching them with your cat and have some quality time together in front of the cat TV.

Training and Tricks

Spend time with your pet. They crave your attention. So give it to them in an exciting and fun way.

Teach your cat new tricks like rolling over, sitting up and standing. You can also try making them use the toilet or see if they’ll answer to their names. You may become an internet sensation by teaching your cat to do cool stuff like skating, fist bumping or any other cat trick that you can think of.

There you have it. Save your relationship with your cat and contribute to global peace.

The methods outlined above will not only prevent your cat from getting bored but will also increase the bond between you and your cat.  Some of the suggestions are a great way to get you and kitty some exercise time as well. You’ll have a healthy, happy and stronger cat and maybe even you’ll become a healthier and happier cat owner.

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