Perhaps you are wondering if there is any health benefit owning a pet. Some see it as a one-way relationship, where your cat gets all the benefits and good stuff while you’re off to the side acting as Moneybags and Food Source.

Maybe they’re right. But maybe they’re completely wrong!

Come with me let’s find out.


Seems counterintuitive, but studies have shown that bringing up your child around cats means that they will be less likely to develop asthma and allergies to animals later in life.  A cat can be a living vaccine, so let them in and give them crunchies or can, a pat on the head, and a bed!


Do yourself a favor: Hug, pat and stroke your cat. Why? Because doing that can lower your blood pressure. Really?…Yeah! They are not just not just warm and soft love muffins– they also respond to your affection, which can do magic, calming your nerves and helping you to relax. Studies have shown that cats lower the risk of you having a heart attack. What are you waiting for? “Heart” them cats now!

Next time you have a difficult day, chilling with your cat when you get home might just be the tonic that you need.

Makes exercise fun

I will tell you a secret- pets make good exercise partners.

Owning a pet like a cat can make walking fun. You’ve never heard of this? It can happen!  Cats can be leash trained. What a better companion than your cute Fluffy tagging along on your next walk. Cats have been known to participate in yoga with their human counterparts as well. And, of course, you can get great exercise playing with your cat at home, whether it’s string game or tag or hide-and-seek. We know this for sure,when you enjoy exercise you are more likely to do it! The result is a fitter you and a healthier you.

Feeling depressed or lonely?

Get out of your misery using the sheer power of Cat. Their antics are funny, providing you a shot of euphoria. Remember: laughter is the best medicine! They make good listeners and companions, and they don’t ask you to STF up. What do they do instead? They sit, listen, don’t hold grudges and won’t walk away from you (well not always) or ask you to stop complaining. The best part: they won’t judge you and are faithful and loyal. 


In your quest to become an awesome cat owner you are bound to meet and interact with other pet owners. Whether at a bar or a park, the topic of “cat” can provide an excellent opportunity to meet the opposite sex. You’re shy and don’t know what to say? Talk about all your cat’s wondrous deeds and ask about your new friend’s feline companion(s). Talk about your cat can save the world. Talk about internet cats! Remember the time rescued all those people in a fire? Talk about it!

Alternative therapy

Wondering what that means? It means Alternative + Medicine= I suck at teaching! Who cares? Well, in its basic form, it means exploring means that are not considered “standard” for preventing and treating disease conditions. So how does a cat help? Well, trust me it doesn’t involve laboratory coats or a stethoscope. Introducing a pet such as a cat to someone suffering from a terminal illness, or someone who has given up on life could give them companionship and a sense of responsibility …  give them a psychological lift They are compelled to look after their new friend, and that can give them a reason to feel better.

Bottom line

Owning a cat will help relieve everyday stress, make you exercise more, bring you companionship and just, well, change your life!



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