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So you think your cat is smart – Let’s see how your kitty Twinkles compares to the smartest cat breeds in the world!  Will your kitty make the cut?  Bragging rights are at stake here!!!  But seriously, folks, these smart kitties are worth getting to know.

Here they are, the top 5:

  1. Abyssinian
  • This cat tops our list with an “A” in learning. They are very intelligent and are the best candidate if you want to teach your cat some tricks. It can be done!
  • Looking to play fetch? Then your buddy the Aby is your best bet.
  • And they aren’t just nerds, the Abyssinian is also a good athlete- jumping over walls, climbing cat trees or scaling household furniture, they do it with finesse and dexterity.
  • You want one for the Olympics … now that’s good thinking! And trust me the Abyssinian’s going to love it! Why? Because they’re smart and love being the center of attention. And I just don’t mean strutting catwalk under the glittering lights!  In all things, they are looking to earn a gold medal!
  • Abyssinians have earned the nickname “Aby-grabbys” for been nosey and tactile. They are curious and will investigate anything and everything that catches their eye.
  1. Turkish Van Cat
  • Like the Aby, Turkish Vans love to climb, though they aren’t quite as graceful. They are curious and need to learn about their surroundings. They’ve got big bodies and big smarts, but they may knock things over in their quest for knowledge!
  • Turkish Vans are famous for turning on faucets and loitering near sinks and bathtubs so they can play in the water, ever so clever in their quest for splashy fun!
  • The Turkish Van cat is an excellent swimmer and a great explorer that loves the outdoors. And boy, do they love their toys!
  • They are not very cuddly as kitties go. Loving and friendly, but they’d prefer to play, explore, or nap near you rather than curl up in your lap.
  • They glow! Well, not like a light bulb… The Turkish Van’s nose turns red when they are upset.
  1. Scottish Fold Cat
  • Easily recognizable by their floppy ears, the Scotish fold is quite an internet sensation! Maru the YouTube sensation kitty keeps us all entertained with his highly intelligent antics!
  • Scottish fold cats love to use their big brains interacting with us humans! They are eager for play and love toys that test their intelligence and agility.
  1. Siamese Cat
  • Shhhhhhh… You should know this: the Siamese cat loves a chat- talking to them makes them happy!
  • You know what else makes them happy?  Puzzle toys. Yes. Our dear Siamese cat gets bored quite quickly, so for the safety of your toilet paper roll, tissue box and sanity, keep them busy with puzzle toys — and most importantly your attention.
  • John Lennon, Kesha, James Dean, Ricky Gervais and Syd Barret have all owned Siamese cats. Perhaps that is because of the myth that Siamese cats bring success with … or because smart successful people choose smart, successful cats
  • Siamese cats love wool and are known for stealing socks, sweaters and balls of yarn!
  1. Burmese Cat
  • The Burmese cat inherited the intelligence of their ancestors, the Siamese cat.
  • They love to talk also, but they are not as loud as the Siamese.
  • They aren’t all talk, either. Do you want your cat to roll, sit, fetch or walk on a leash? The Burmese will ace these tasks.

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