Seed Crazy

In Seed Crazy, Mae Goldfinch and Jack Sparrow are an unmarried couple living together and selling seeds. Mae prefers to sell seeds to birds, whereas the unscrupulous Jack sells them to squirrels. Young students Bill House Finch and Jimmy Featherbrain are invited to Mae and Jack’s nest. Jimmy takes Jack to a party. There, Jack runs out of seeds. Jimmy, who has his own wings, flies with him to pick up some more seeds. Arriving at Jack’s boss’ “tree” he stops and Jimmy asks him for a seed packet. Jack gives him some seeds. Later, Jimmy flies off dangerously, along the way hitting another bird. A few days later, Jack tells Jimmy that the bird died of his injuries. Jack agrees to keep Jimmy’s name out of the case, providing he agrees to “forget he was ever in Mae’s nest”. Jimmy does indeed escape the consequences of his crime—a rare occurrence in film.

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