Videos For Cats! Do Cats Really Love them?

I guess the obvious question is: WHAT? THERE ARE VIDEOS FOR CATS?

Well of course there are!

Many cat owners will tell you they see their cats watching TV. Are these kitties just reacting to shifting patterns on the screen, or they are able to make sense of what they are seeing? Research suggests that cats are indeed able to recognize familiar objects on the screen and enjoy watching them the way they enjoy looking out the window.

I know my cat Monster loves to watch videos of birds, mice and squirrels. The squirrels are his favorite. The first time I showed him one, he walked around the laptop trying to find the real animals! Then he settled in to watch, bobbing his head and following the action like people watch a tennis match. I have found the Monster Meow likes the videos when I make them full screen, or as big as I can, and crank up the volume. He loves the nibbling and chirping sounds, and especially enjoys watching birds take off and land.

This comes as no surprise, of course, to pet owners who have seen their cats following images during nature programs made for us people, hunting an on-screen bird or insect, and even making those funny chattering noises.

Maybe cats love these videos simply because they enjoy having fun! Who knows? Probably, though, they are just using their natural prey drive. And since so many cats live indoors these days, videos can allow them to have fun and sow some of their wild oats!

And goodness knows, there are many kitties that need some fun in their lives. For instance, a study of shelter cats found that felines without access to window views do much better when they have access to videos or television. The most popular programs among the cats in the study were those depicting rodents, birds and fish: all natural feline prey.

Companies that produce videos for cats figured out a long time ago that cats are able to recognize TV images of their favorite prey. They charged us $12.99 for a DVD of birds or mice and Kitty really appreciated it. These days, you can get all the cat videos you need on YouTube for free.

It’s so easy to play these videos for a lonely or bored cat. The action is reliable and repeatable –unlike a cushion by the window. I mean, on any given day how many squirrels go by the window, really? What is the Birds-Per-Hour rate in your neighborhood?? Probably not as good as you’re saying. C’mon, tell the truth!!! Most of the videos made for cats feature non-stop critter action. What’s not to love?

Some cats may start enjoying the videos right away, while other cats need several exposures before they show interest. If you want to encourage your cat to watch a wildlife program or a cat oriented video, perhaps because you think your pet doesn’t get enough stimulation, place the laptop in front of them on the sofa, or put a video on the big screen pretty close to where your cat hangs out. You could put an ottoman or upholstered stool close to the TV or computer even. Show some interest yourself and see if kitty will join you. That’s what I did with Monster Meow.

There are lots of cat videos on YouTube. Here’s one to start with: Video for Cats – The Wild Bunch  You might even record your own video that caters to your own car preferences if you are a video enthusiast.

And don’t give up if Kitty doesn’t get it at first. Give him or her a chance. They could get a lot of enjoyment from it and so can you! I like to watch the videos myself, and it’s the cutest thing in the world when Monster watches. Believe me!

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